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February 22, 2007


Ran Ren

there've been hot discussions on the "black 3 mins in Chunwan" on the web. You should watch that clip... quite embarrassing. I do agree Chunwan represents the culture divide in China. But however, there's still over 92% watching rate which illustrates that Chunwan is actually a cultural element in Chunjie recent years.

John Biesnecker

I watched it with my in-laws this year, and there was about 20 minutes of interesting content in the entire four hours broadcast. Even Zhao Benshan's skit wasn't very funny, and everything that man does is gold. I was disappointed.


Yeah, the Song Dandan/Zhao Benshan skits are xiaopin are usually the highlight for me. Sad to hear that he wasn't funny this year.


The Da Bing contextual cellphone ads beat out Zhao Benshan by a mile. Great way to start the show. It was all pretty much downhill from there, though.

Another review:


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I find the Asian culture just amazing, they are like a different race in this planet, so respectful, polite, and willing to help other.

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There have been few discussions on the "black 3mins in Chunwan" on the web, better check it out.

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