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February 27, 2007



I still think that the verse beginning "A really good masseuse will never trade on her caboose" should've gone in there.


Yes, but that's only because you're hell-bent on popularizing the word "caboose." Not that it's an ignoble aspiration. I wish you well, and promise to use the word instead of the crass "ass" whenever possible. Still, I get points for "vamoose" right?


"Vamoose" is good, but you'd get Big Ups for using "skedaddle," "take a powder," or "hoof it."

Also, I like the "caboose" line because it leads into "The places lit in neon are where you get your bi on," unprintable though it may be.

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They call it "reflexology," and with brief apology,

I confess I only learned the word quite recently.

What they call it, I don't care: 'round these parts, it's something rare—

A massage where neither party acts indecently.

Here in China, as you know, from Heilongjiang down to Guangzhou,

Or the Lhasa Valley's Himalayan ice,

It's hard to find a town where you can't get your feet rubbed down,

And enjoy it at a bargain-basement price

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