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March 26, 2007



Thanks for shedding light on this important issue. I've wondered for a long time how the VC's in China (not to mention advertisers) are getting reliable stats on Chinese web properties. Turns out they're not. I can't say I'm surprised, and not because of some plague on honest business in China but because the same is true of the Internet industry in America. IAB or no, web metrics are still a shadowy scene, and progress will be slow.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks Kaiser. Really interesting and good to know.

Speaking of malware and such, maybe China needs its own version of http://stopbadware.org/ I'm sure the people who run that project (at the Berkman center, my old haunt) would be psyched to work with some folks in China. Maybe a consortium of companies should fund a Chinese non-profit or academic institution to do it.

Kaiser Kuo

Hi Rebecca. Your wish has already come true: http://www.fanlm.com/ - the 中国反流氓软件联盟, or Anti-Malware Alliance. (I love how malware is "hooligan-ware" in Chinese).
These guys have been suing everyone, without fear: Qihoo, Yahoo, Oak Pacific Interactive, Baidu, even CNNIC. I don't know anyone there personally, but I'm sure I could facilitate an introduction to the Berkman folks if they want to throw 'em support (and money!)


Kaiser, man, I gotta pick your brain one of these days. China and metrics is something I've been trying to dig stuff up for months now.

Kaiser Kuo

@Dave - Pick it any time after tomorrow. The AmCham online audit committee is meeting, and we'll be hearing from Hu Yanping in some detail, I hope, about his activities. By great good fortune he was able to come to the meeting on short notice.


7 years ago U.S. was going through the same chaos, what changed all that was the increasing experience of an average user - which then drove demand for higher quality tools. Let's not forget that high adoption rate doesn't equal long experience. In other words, all of this is a matter of time. And as far as this org., from the guy's face I can already tell HE IS A BIG PHONY - what more can be said about IAB... Why change anything if people don't demand it?


This issue became more very urgent and serious, as I heard from number of boards that webmasters blocking entire chinese Ip addresses due to spam and other malbehaivours.


There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

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