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March 28, 2007



Wikipedia, Livejournal, and Xanga are all still blocked for me (home CNC connection in Dongcheng), but Blogspot appears to be working just fine, even after I disable my nerdy autoproxy stuff. Nice!


no wikipedia, but who needs it when there's answers.com?


I concur with Brendan; in Shenzhen Wikipedia and Xanga still seem blocked, but for some reason Blogspot is working.

Kaiser, thanks for the head's up about this!


Same story in Dalian. BlogSpot is back, but that's it. It's sad that we've all gotten to the point when we celebrate one of several platforms being available again, even for a short time.

So it goes.


yeah blogspot is back, but xanga is gone... any idea?


Annnddd...it's gone again. It's kind of like when British rock bands in the 60's would make short trips back to the UK, but always disappear abroad again due to tax reasons.


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