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March 24, 2007



Hey, Kaiser, I'm curious, were you at the Shouti Beijing Modern Music Concert in Spring 1990?
Cooking 7-8 Chinese dishes is no small feat,btw.

Kaiser Kuo

Hi Sepa -
No, I missed that show, and I kick myself when I think about how seminal it was in the development of rock in China. That's the show when Landy Chang (Chang P'ei-jen) or Rock Records saw TD and signed the band. The Chinese dishes were pretty simple: a couple of stir-fried veggies, a dou ya with rousi, a hongshao niunan, a shao qiezi, a mapo doufu, that sort of thing. Just one that required some skill - a Chongqing lazi ji. Turned out well!


I was in the crowd that night with a group of kids. It was hell of a night for us. Girls cried uncontrollably. Talk about the depressing time coinciding with the more foolhardy stage of grow-up. It's debated whether Cui Jian was there and who actually said "winter is coming and would spring be still far away?" I beleive it was Zang Tianshuo. Friends scattered; memory got vague. It's the raw energy reviving of which can still make me feel like a fuckin' teenager all over again.

Well, I've got some 看家菜, too. But my Daogong has been getting anywhere after all these years.


two things about you kaiser that always astound: how emotionally open you are, and how eclectic. keep on keeping on. it's inspiring.

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