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March 15, 2007


Chris O'Brien


I was there for some of those nature expeditions, with your brother J.J. too. They were great fun. I was by Tioga Hills on business last year, and checked it all out 30 years later - a lot of its gone to development, but some of its still there.

Chris O'Brien :)

Kaiser Kuo

For anyone reading this, the above commenter, Chris O'Brien, was a year above me and a year below John in grade school, and it's impossible for me to imagine what he could possibly look like now. When we were kids he had a whacky and wonderful imagination. I remember we were in third or fourth grade and he made a bizarre elixir made of orange peels, eau de cologne, various mashed flower petals, and other unknown ingredients. He called it "Essence of Wombie." It's a cherished memory.

Chris O'Brien

Ha! Yes go ahead and laugh smart guy, I would have made millions if I had just worked out a good marketing scheme! And don't even get me started on my idea for Glow In The Dark Neon Schnapps.
Oh and (forgive me Kai)for those of you who wonder what Kaiser was like at 10 or 11, his knowledge of Star Trek trivia dwarfed Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. Kaiser also invented a game where we built lego spacships and threw ball bearings at each others ships from across the floor of his basement. His were indestructable and to this day it vexes me. I shall have vengeance at some point.

Kaiser Kuo

Nerdy as charged. I worshipped Spock. But I actually didn't invent the ball bearing/Lego spaceship game: that was all John. His ships were elegant and fragile, but hard to hit because they presented a narrow target. I tended to build blocky monstrous vessels, and the Legos would crack sooner than they'd come apart. Chris, great to get back in touch! Gonna Amazon your book.

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