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March 15, 2007



Did Pete mention any of his other web-based "research" projects I wonder? (Sorry).

Anyway, despite your Yes revisionism, thank you Pete for 5:15


I checked out the Lifehouse Chronicles when it came out a couple of years ago. A lot of it's demo material for Who's Next, and some of it - particularly the version of "I Don't Even Know Myself" - comes off even better than the finished album versions, at least to my ears.

I remember him talking about the Lifehouse/Gridlife thing in a few places -- Lifehouse, obviously, and then as a kind of incoherent subplot in his solo album Psychoderelict. Interesting to see that he's actually doing something with it.

Island Girl

I'll send my bass and guitar playing teenaged boys over on Apr 25 to check it out. I'm a disco girl so it must be dad's inflence that my high-schoolers are so into these rock icons. Thanks for the reporting.

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