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March 16, 2007


Dan Welygan

Sounds like you've been having a really good time so far with SXSW! I really miss being able to easily see interesting live bands and shows...(Shenzhen's scene has a longer way to go than Beijing's).

Have fun hanging out with with your friends!


Appreciated your candor at the SXSW China Panel. My judgement is that you've seen it from many more angles than anyone else in that room, and the older gentleman that accused the panel and (especially you!) of being ugly Americans doesn't sound like he's experienced the frustrations and setbacks of trying to make it in China and we all must all just be way too politically correct to comment on the relevant differences of the China market, etc. He may have missed an opportunity to point out that it's true that we can't just package a western idea of supersized enterainment and transplant it there to the mythological 1.2 billion consumers. Still, if there is an 'ugly American', there is certainly a (though philosophically different) Chinese counterpart. Still, it wasn't entirely relevant to the discussion and it poisoned the precious last few minutes because he was also a ball hog.
Final analysis: I thought you were balanced, objective and actually more positive than I expected you to be.
Something that wasn't covered that seems relevant: the Olympics and what that means for the media exchange.

Anyway, will keep watching your blog. In the meantime, if you want to check out MY chinese band (me): myspace.com/marcusinspace

Be in touch


Account Deleted

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I guess we have to blame the marketers for being so creative and convincing.


I 5hink creativity has lost quality and actially all we can see now is a copy of what we saw in past.

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