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March 07, 2007


China Law Blog

Never even knew that about dandruff free hair.


Can you ask him to apologise for every shampoo and facecream advert being EXACTLY THE SAME. How many times do we have to see arrows flying out of women's hair, and a picture of the "nutrients" being absorbed into her skin? I would love to see an original and cheeky slogan, something like: "Using Jinlong face whitener stops Third World debt, or your money back."


I didn't know about the Nazi-Fanta connection... what secrets is Doktor Pepper hiding?

Kaiser Kuo

@Dan: You don't know how many times it's worked for me. I shake out my silky locks over a dark tablecloth, and when no disgusting flakes of scalp tissue appear, blammo! Their ankles are parked behind their ears. Try it!

@Meursault: Do you want a job as a copywriter at Ogilvy?

@Boyce: Doktor Pepper was originally marketed as Doktor Mengele, but it tested poorly in the Shaker Heights neighborhood of Cleveland.


Re: Fanta

It was actually developed by the German division of Coca-Cola. Because of the war, they had no access to syrup to produce Coke. To stay in business, the head of the company resorted to using whatever he could find -- and with wartime rationing, that meant mostly old scraps of fruit. The result was a fruity soda he called "Fantastiche" (might be misspelled) and it was apparently a hit, not that the Germans had a lot of choices then. After the war, Coca-Cola reunited with its German unit and decided to develop their creation into Fanta. Notably, they also decided to REMOVE ALL TRACES OF ACTUAL FRUIT (just look at the ingredient list). So technically Fanta was invented in Nazi Germany, but it wasn't created by actual Nazis, as far as I know. But you don't see this story in corporate literature, for obvious reasons.

Kaiser Kuo

@WH, you got any more goodies like the Apology Letter? Do you keep a blog yourself? Would love to read more of you.

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