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April 12, 2007


David D

Yeah I was sent a link to 'Drifting' described as 'This man plays the guitar like it was an indivisible part of his own body'.

He's a skilled player but it's not just showing off - it's a really nice sound he's got going on.

I also got a link to this 8-string madness:


Micah Schwalb

He tends to spend a lot of his time in the western US and the UK, based on this: http://www.myspace.com/andymckee2 . But he is headed to Tokyo this fall.


Fantastic find....

Headed for his site now...


Best from GZ



Yeah this guy is very good. You can see the feeling, finesse, and intensity that he plays with in this video. Since I'm a long time Metal fan he reminds me of some other great guitar players like.

Joe Satriani

Ynwie Malmsteen

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