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April 12, 2007



Adorable. She looks like you, except in a pretty way... :)

You're right about jacks though. I have not seen any in years. Maybe I can find some here in Malaysia. If so will bring back some for you and Imagethief.


Funny post. And adorable girl! She's changed a lot since I last saw (filmed) her. :)


Ha Ha! You know in England a Jumping Jack is also a toy which essentially looks like a box but when you open the lid out pops a puppet on a huge spring, equally dangerous but brilliant for scaring the crap out of your little sister!

As for tiddlywinks I'll teach you how to play that one next time I see you! Happy B'day to Guenevere, she's definitely got your hair!


Great post! You have an adorable daughter.

Jumping jacks are actually different from the game of jacks. They are a figure ("Jack"), often dressed as a clown, with a string attached. When you pull the string, the jack's arms and legs fly up as if he is jumping (hence the exercise "jumping jacks").

Tiddly winks is a game using a cup, a large plastic disc (the "tiddly") and several small plastic discs (the "winks"). The player uses his tiddly to press on the winks and try to pop them into the cup, with the player getting the most winks into the cup as the winner.

My 4-year-old daughter enjoys "Hush Little Baby", but the version I sing doesn't have a jumping jack in it - there are a mockingbird, diamond ring, looking glass, billy goat, cart and bull, dog named Rover, horse and cart, and of course, the sweetest little baby in town. What lyrics do you use? Mine came from Peter Paul and Mommy(Mary).

Much enjoyment to you and Guenevere on discovering ancient European childhood amusements!


Kaiser Kuo

@Denise - Thanks so much. She actually has a jumping jack (which is in the form of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Chinese folklore) and now I can explain to her that daddy was wrong and had conflated the game of jacks with proper jumping jacks. Thanks on tiddly winks too.

The version I sing goes mobingbird, diamond ring, looking glass, jumping jack, lollypop, another one ("when that lollypop is done, daddy's going to buy you another one"), real live pup, horse and cart. Mine's from a Disney children's songs CD set that we played for her incessantly. Great collection of kids songs. Better than The Wiggles, in any case...

Larry Ossei-Mensah

cute... :-)

Laurel4 (4yrs old)

Happy birthday guenevere ni hao you are my best frind from china. Love laurel4

prototype rapid

I tried to think so, but I found it was not as the same in the actual process. As you mentioned, I still have doubts, but really thank you for sharing!

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