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September 03, 2007


Tim J

FYI, I believe that Costa Rica just switched recognition from Taiwan to PR China. Honduras's southern neighbor, Nicaragua, is also making noises about a switch

Kaiser Kuo

Hey thanks Tim. Appreciate the info.


I think Costa Rica already made the switch in April or so. Actually they only told Taiwan weeks after they signed the agreement with China. Funny that a Honduran senator would not know this.


Sounds like she will make a fine GOP veep candidate, and to top it off, she can now claim she's well versed in foreign policy since she's actually been to the dragon's lair, not just merely "being close to it".



I think she has good intentions towards helping the Honduran people, but there are so many other thing that need to be fixed.

For example, "giving land title to the rural poor that can then be used as collateral for loans to kickstart small businesses" That will not work until the government creates a database of who they handle titles to. The majority of the so called "rural poor" sale the land as soon as they get the title and then invade the next door land hoping to get anothe r title and sale again.

Yes, huracane Mitch distroyed 75% of Honduras infrastructure, but maybe she should ask her father "Carlos Flores" where did all the money AID from all over the world went? With the monies the contry received would have been enough to leap from poverty to somewhat developed country, but little or close to nothing was invested in rebuilding the country.

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Senator Flores,the youngest woman ever to serve as a legislator in Tegucigalpa, was elected on the Liberal Party ticket at the very top of a long slate of candidates, including her ex-husband. "He didn't make it onto the list" of representatives from her state, she told me with undisguised glee.


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this mean the beginning of something new and good relationship between these two coutries, is good to see that some parts of the world are together regardless the distance.

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She is a great women. I think she is very charitable and she help Honduran in many fields such as education. She is also a good mother to her children.

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I have to say that she's the right woman to manage that Economic Forum actually it would be an honor for people because she knows exactly what to do during those moments.

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