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September 04, 2007


Rebecca MacKinnon

Say hi to everybody for me. See you in Dalian on Thursday.


I don't know everybody's age there, but everybody seems to be hovering around 40 give or take a few. Calling them "young" global leaders makes me wonder how old the "not-young" global leaders are. How about "Nongeriatric Global Leaders" or "Global Leaders Who Can Still Make the Stairs"? "People Who Can Teach the U.S. Supreme Court How to Use the InterneTubez" is unwieldly, but seems to flesh out the gap between normative global leaders and young ones.

And while it sure sounds like there's some terrific minds in the YGL, I'm skeptical that anything done in groups such as the WEF is really productive or meaningful, other than for various grades of wealthy and successful people to positively identify each other and feel it's all Terribly Exciting. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go help burn all their houses to the ground while they're in Dalian, in order to start the Revolution. In tomorrow's pictures, I'll be the third Che t-shirt from the left. That's right, with the bong. It's medical!

P.S. I believe Mark Fraunfelder was the original genius behind BoingBoing and Cory joined later. At the very least, Cory is one of the geniuses. Don't forget Xeni and that other guy.


Damn. Color me jealous -- I wish that summary job had worked out.

China and I

A pity that I am stuck in Beijing for a question of visa to saudi arabia. I had plans to attend the forum! Enjoy it on our behalf and do some posts!

Micah Sittig

davesgonechina: I think networking is actually pretty important. I used to poo-poo it too, until I tried it. Granted, there's a lot of hot air blown at those meetings, but you have to take the bad with the good.


Micah: I have nothing against networking, I have a problem with the unquestioned assumption that the WEF only selects, in the Baroque sense, Persons of Quality. Also, that said Quality is always over 40 and "successful", as defined by... well, I guess the WEF.

Conditions like that suddenly make it more problematic when you have representatives of the less fortunate (or young, erm, younger - say, children who lost limbs to land mines), who often become tokens in a sea of Quality, who have their self-congratulations interrupted by someone talking about how they suffered atrocities or indignities. Yknow, the people whose lives may swing in the balance at functions like the WEF. Then it's back to the bar for appletinis.

I'm not saying that Kaiser or Cory are bad people (I like them both), or that networking is unimportant. It's the environment that so often is created at Networking Events of The Great and The Good, who is doing the selecting of participants, what criteria is used to choose them, and what roles they are expected to play. I've been to some things like this, particularly in the UN/Intl NGO circuit; I'm not speaking completely from the outside here.

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I saw a couple of ex-media guys I've known for several years. Thomas Crampton, right, formerly of the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, is about to move to Beijing with his lovely new bride, who he met in Paris, he tells me.

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