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November 03, 2007


Mark Forman

Kaiser is this your doing? Very funny. I can relate to several of these.

Kaiser Kuo

Yeah Mark, of course it's my doing. Wrote this in a little cafe in Lijiang one afternoon during the October holiday as my deadline closed in. Same feeling I'm undergoing now as yet another column comes due...


Chinese people create a lot many different culture and custom, different diet,differrent dialect,different dressing,different body shape ,there are too many difference ,enen if you go to find it.
I am interested in Chinese dialect,you know ,people live not far away may have different dialects .I like to tell people's hometown though their dialect enen they speak mandarin.


Mr. Kuo,

Your characterization of the Shanghainese as a bunch of hubristic, bourgeois philistines is, I must admit, entirely accurate. I don't know so much about the "common sense" part, though. It seems to me that anyone who is willing to sacrifice his or her culture to inflate the bottom line is far from prudent, and certainly they cannot be mistaken as wise.

Question: Why no mention of Xinjiang, Qinghai, or anywhere out west? As a fellow Tucsonan, I'm sure you can appreciate my longing for a clear desert sky... and a conversation that doesn't involve stock quotes and market projections.

Great blog. I'm looking forward to the next post.


The Humanaught

That was fantastic. Truly.


Really enjoyable, very creative.

Still, though, I would prefer to do business with Shanghai people over Beijing people. My experience with Beijing people is - as the guitarist George Benson sang in his song, "Masquerade" - "We tried to talk it over but the words got in the way."

Still, I do miss the jiaozi, xi er bing, and Beijing Duck down here in Suzhou.



What a bunch of nonsense

The blogger proves to me once again that there is nothing worse than a Chinese who tries to project himself as an American and end up being neither.

Sha B

Kaiser Kuo

@2baboons - I'm actually an American-born Chinese. I'm not trying to project myself as an American. What exactly is your objection to what I wrote?


As an ABC myself I've only been to Shanghai to visit family every other year or so, but this seems pretty accurate. Even with the few short trips I've made (I'm only 18) I still come back to the states and brag about how wonderful Shanghai is and how much better it is haha


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Nice Poem

Hey, just passing by, I looked up the name Cooper-Ramos and found your wonderful blog. Your poems have about the same level of writing as my amateur poems: great story, clear and on point, with a little end rhyme.

Who could write any better without being a professional? Meter and rhyme takes time.

Anyway, I looked up every province you in the poem in wikipedia and I am only surprised you did not mention the Uighur in the west. Seems like the reputation that Chinese are biased toward Muslims gets a boost to roost.




Hey Kaiser, your poetry is not great, but you're observations are very funny.

Many years ago, I taught English in Beijing, and one of the funniest (at least to me) classes I had was one where I passed out a list of "Positive and Negative" Chinese regional stereotypes I'd found somewhere. I was hoping to inspire some discussion about "stereotypes", but things didn't go according to my plans. The response to the list was, without a single exception in a class of otherwise exceptional people: agreement with all the stereotypes of everyone else, agreement with all the positive characteristics of one's own province, but disagreement with all the negative characteristics of one's own province.

Needless to say, none of these Chinese students were interested in what I had to say about stereotypes because they were too busy defending their own provinces and berating the others. I, however, had a great time watching them, and learned a lot.


very good.

Ryan Falch

Although I am late to the party, this was my afternoon's lesson on the great people of China. And it makes me grateful to be in Beijing and among its people and their "man man lai" attitude.

Terence Lau

HI Mr. Kuo,

I am a university student who is currently studying in McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. Having watched the documentary called Global Metal, I am deeply fascinated by the speeches that you and the other 前輩 have made about the music. I am also a metal music fan since middle school. Recently, I have done some research for metal music and how it affects the society. Surprisingly, during the research I have found your blog! Since I have done a research of "How global metal music affects individuals in the society", I really hope that you can invest a couple of minutes to give some advice to my essay. Although, its already due and no extra mark would be granted anyways, I really hope that this essay can benefit some of the headbangers/ teenagers.

Your kind reply would be very much appreciated.

Terence Lau


难道你就没有中文名字? Was für eine Aschloch..


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Thomas Tu aka Team Shang Haiiiii

It’s in the spirit of humor that I offer the lines of doggerel below. I intend no insult to anyone (except maybe the Shanghainese).


Lol. Another typical bitter Chinese.

We have better food, mass transit, architecture, and women. So I guess you do have a right to be jealous, bitter, envious etc.

If it weren't for us, China would just be the big piece of garbage "Red" land on the way to Hong Kong.

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